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Unique Manuka Factor UMF®

The unique manuka factor(UMF®) and the UMF Honey Association(UMFHA)

For thousands of years honey has been known health enhancing properties. In 1981 Dr Peter Molon Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Waikato University discovered that honey from some strains of New Zealand manuka bush contained a special factor not contained in any other variety of honey.

This factor became known as the unique manuka factor (UMF®). However only some strains of the New Zealand manuka bush (leptospermum Scoparium) produce honeys containing this unique manuka factor. The UMF® brand is your assurance that the honey contains these special properties.

As manuka honey is the only New Zealand honey to contain UMF® properties you can be assured your UMF® honey contains a large percentage of manuka (no honey is from a pure floral source as bees visit any flower they fly past).  The UMF honey association have a number of independent laboratories worldwide to verify label claims.

As Manuka honeys fame spread and the price rose a lot of honeys were being passed off as UMF® manuka to collect the premium price.

In 1997 a group of forward thinking individuals recognised the need for a certification system for UMF® Manuka. In 1998 UMF Honey Association was formed to register own and manage the UMF® trade mark.

As the image and price of Manuka grew and increasing passing off and adulteration occurred  UMFHA has broadened its consumer assurance program so that today it offers consumers the assurance of,

  1. Independent auditing of licensee’s  premises.
  2. Independent  auditing of licensee’s  product to assure licence claims.
  3. Licence’s product is purchased from retailers for independent testing.
  4. A worldwide group of independent laboratories accredited to conduct the UMF assay available to retailers and consumers.

For further information on UMF® manuka and The UMF Honey Association go to www.umf.org.nz