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Our Region

The Eastcape region comprises the eastern most tip of New Zealand. It stretch’s from Maihia in the south to Opotiki  in the north.

In 1769 while on one of his discovery voyages Capt. James Cook and the Endeavour crew first sighted New Zealand and came ashore at Gisborne to collect much needed fresh water. When Cook arrived the area was extensively populated by the Maori people attracted by the warm climate and prolific sea life.

Geographically isolated by the Raukumara ranges it has remained sparsely populated and unspoiled. The region still has large tracts of virgin forest and a drive along the coast reveals endless untouched sweeping sandy beaches.

With European colonisation   farmers leased and purchased large areas of land. The forests were logged and cleared for farming and grass established.

Farming flourished as the world wars created huge demand for wool and wool prices rose rapidly. Later with refrigerated shipping the region supplied the world with meat.

In the 1980’s wool and livestock prices peaked and with diminishing returns some of the farms were allowed to revert to the native manuka forests from which we collect our honey.